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Success Stories


I was suffering from neuropathy for years and it had taken a toll on my life.  I had tried various treatments but nothing seemed to work.  That was until I met Dr. Marshall.  With her expertise and care, I was able to get my life back.  I am now pain-free and able to golf again.  I never thought this would

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Chronic exhaustion

“The acupuncture work I received from Dr. Marshall helped me to recover from a place in which my body was in total, chronic exhaustion. It helped to bring me back to a state of balance and energy. I’m deeply grateful for the expertise and care demonstrated by this gifted practitioner”.

~ Dr. Emily M.

Extreme pain in my arms

“I started seeing Dr. Marshall for acupuncture in 2004 after I realized that I may need to switch my career due to extreme pain in my arms from work as a hairstylist. I was in constant pain and unable to see any more of my clients. Dr. Marshall explained how she could help. I was a skeptical at first, but

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Menopause, Fatigue

“I first went to see Dr. Marshall 6 years ago, when I was starting to go through menopause and experiencing uncomfortable and irregular periods, sleep disturbances, fatigue and mood changes. Dr. Marshall’s gentle manner and professional demeanor immediately set me at ease. As someone who has gone to several acupuncturists over the years, I was impressed by her sensitivity, skillful

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