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Peripheral Neuropathy

I just can’t say enough about SCA. Dr. Marshall has given me my life back!  I remember my husband driving me to my consultation and I saw a woman running just outside our neighborhood I was so envious – I just kept thinking I would give anything just to walk again.  My primary care doctor told me that my troubles with pain and balance were just symptoms of old age and gave me a prescription.  I was so depressed.  My husband and I moved here three years ago, and he’s gone to the beach almost every day.  I always stayed home because of the pain and discomfort.  Yesterday I walked on the beach with him! And next week we’re starting dancing lessons.  I am truly living my life these days. I no longer have burning pain that keeps me up at night or unable to do the things I love during the day.  I highly recommend Dr. Marshall to anyone looking for an effective treatment for neuropathy!  You won’t be disappointed.

~ Frankie M.

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